Welcome to Halliday Finch

Africa’s Premier Brand Protection, Commercial Investigation and Private Security Firm

With its operational headquarters in Africa, Halliday Finch offers investigative services to multinational corporations as well as security services to global business leaders and high net worth individuals. Our clients include ex and serving Heads of State, diplomats and international celebrities.

Our team is led by Mr. Julius Ndegwa EBS, MBS, who recently retired as the Director of Operations of the Kenya Police Service after a 37 year career. Ndegwa offers invaluable experience in law enforcement across Africa, enabling Halliday Finch to operate freely and seamlessly across the continent.

Halliday Finch operates in full compliance with the UK Bribery Act (UKBA) 2010 and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) 1977.

Philosophy – Our Company is founded upon a strict code of conduct.  We are an approved security vendor to the United Nations, numerous humanitarian NGO’s such as the Carter Foundation and several Fortune 500 corporations such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Our History – Halliday Finch was established in 2003 and operated globally.  In 2006 our focus switched exclusively to Africa where over the last decade we have refined and developed our capabilities enabling us to operate effectively anywhere on the continent.

Mission – To protect our client’s interests across Africa in order to reduce their risks.

Approach – Our solutions are client-led.  Our teams are carefully selected to suit the needs of each operation and are guided by clearly agreed aims and objectives.  We believe in delivering tangible results which represent a commercial benefit to our clients.

International expertise – local knowledge

Our business is built upon three key services

Brand Protection

The Halliday Finch Brand Protection Unit (BPU) helps to protect global brands against counterfeiting across Africa. This includes a full range of investigation techniques, from Market Sweeps and Simple Evidentiary Test Purchase (SETP) to Enforcement and Prosecution.

Security Operations

Essentially we’re focused on securing personal protection and secure travel, offering exclusive private protection services. From Presidents and NGO’s to film crews, we offer secure, reliable and professional protection capabilities, founded upon a deep understanding of the challenges that face Africa daily.


Commercial Investigations

Our team of commercial investigators have the skills, knowledge and experience required to carry out commercial crime investigations in extremely challenging environments. This includes investigation services, evidence collection and analysis.